White Horse Acers is a small equine facility in North East Texas dedicated to the training and promoting of Sport Horses. We Specialize in the disciplines of: Dressage, Jumping and Eventing where we train both horse and rider to work as a team.

Dressage is precision horse control as well as a competitive sport. It is often called “horse ballet” because of it beauty and precision. Dressage is about developing synchronized horse and rider communication through small signals and muscle control. Top riders seem to have no interaction with their horse at all. Dressage is an international and Olympic sport, requiring dedication and commitment. The principles of dressage training can pay dividends in any equine sport.

If you have watched any of the riding events in the Olympics you are sure to have seen the jumping competition. Like dressage stadium jumping features precision riding with horse and rider leaping over fences, walls and gates. These jumps are usually made of poles placed in a specific pattern requiring fast turns, bursts of speed, and an all-round sense of timing from horse and rider. In this type of competition the horse and rider are judged on how fast they complete the course without knocking down any poles or refusing any jumps. Strategy, on the part of the ride, as well as the athletic ability of the horse are required get over and on to the next hurdle in good time. The horse and rider must jump the fences in order, from memory, and not knock any poles or refuse any fences. These actions result in time penalties. The horse and rider with the fastest time wins. There is nothing quite as exciting as an equine jumping event.

White Horse Acers also offers training for both horse and rider for three-day eventing. Three day eventing combines the skills of dressage and jumping with cross country jumping. This is where you take the skills of control and jumping into the real world of the trail and away from the stadium. Horse and rider compete across the three disciplines of dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. This event has its roots in a comprehensive cavalry test requiring mastery of several types of riding. We also train and compete in Hunter jumper, similar to jumpers except instead of being timed it is judged on precision and style, with the emphesis being on cadence expression and change of leads.